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Experience was easy, well planned and unique. Everything was handled with professionalism and attention to detail. Best experience with a travel agency ever!

Krystal Morrell

Emily is the consummate travel partner. She provides voices of all levels for your specific interests and financial situation. She guides you and opines for you to a trip second to none. She functions like a team of 10 and is... read more

Monte Block

Emily was able to provide my husband and I such peace of mind while on our Honeymoon to Italy! She helped us with transportation which when you’re moving between multiple cities can really make or break a trip experience. She checked in with us every day to make sure we were having a good... read more

Lindsey Wojtowicz

Emily has never led us astray! Edgewood Tahoe was a beautiful property and everything we could have imagined in a dream Tahoe vacation! Emily worked with us to find the best dates, checked in on us while on site, and made... read more

Cara Radke

Emily was very responsive and informative in our initial consultation! She was very knowledgeable about the areas we were interested in. She’s the best!

Brittani Balsamello

We absolutely loved working with Emily for our 10 year anniversary trip. This was the first time we have ever worked with a travel professional and it was so nice to have everything taken care of for us! Plus Emily spoiled us and made our trip extra... read more

Alexandria Hinders

Emily made our trip a seamless experience. From our lodging to dinners, we were pleased. We had a wonderful experience!

Beth Moshier

Our first time travel experience with Emily was outstanding! We were blown away by the accommodations as well as her continuous assistance and help during the vacation. She even flew out to meet and greet us upon our arrival to the resort! We highly... read more

Dawn Guy

Everything was planned and executed to perfection It doesn’t get better than Emily. Her suggestions her choices for guidance or direction. She’s available 24 seven very reactive and even if something goes a little off she’s there to correct it immediately. Looking... read more

Monte Block

Emily is great. Appreciated her help in booking this trip. It was amazing.

* The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

Tiffany Walden

Emily planned a "Trip of a Lifetime" for us and our children and their spouses. We traveled to Rome, the Amalfi Coast, southern Italy, and Sicily. Our "dream sheet" of experiences even included the Ferrari Factory. Emily arranged our itinerary of travel among those cities that included beautiful scenery and... read more

John and Louise Dalton

Thank you Emily for this gorgeous 30 year anniversary trip. Started out fantastic…but i got sick and needed to get home quickly. Emily to the rescue! She got on it immediately and got us home ! Thank you for caring so much about the comfort... read more

Angie Williams

Emily was a fantastic travel planner. Her logistics are A++ and she’s available at all times during your trip no matter the time difference! Thank you Emily!

Katie Stricker

Working with Emily at Traveluxe was amazing! She made it so easy and took care of all our transfers, our accommodations, and best of all was only a text away! I highly recommend Emily!

Karisha Coker

Emily is incredible. Despite the time difference she was on call while traveling. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone in your corner to aid in every facet of travel. I wouldn’t book with anyone... read more

Chelsea McCurdy

Working with Emily was nothing short of a dream. She made traveling with a one-year-old seamless simple and super enjoyable. Her knowledge of the properties helped us decide exactly where to stay and watch suited our needs best, she was extremely attentive and got... read more

Kristina Abdelaziz

Emily was so helpful with helping coordinate travel for everyone coming to Cabo for our wedding! She took away the stress of having to worry about everyone making it there & it was the absolute perfect week. I can’t thank her enough!

Jenna Stoltenberg

Landi did a wonderful job planning our trip Her expertise ensured smooth travels and an incredible experience for our family. We highly recommend her services.

Michael Frey

My wife and I had been planning this trip for a long time. When we contacted Emily about planning the trip for us, Emily took the time time find out what was most important to us about the trip, then she planned a trip for us that was... read more

Andy Prather

Emily planned an amazing trip to Disney and Universal Studios for our family! She handled everything from our hotel and dining reservations to organizing transportation. We would definitely use Traveluxe Official again!

Sheree Prather

Emily is the best to work with: professional, available, knowledgeable and unflappable. Several times during our trip we had to make immediate changes due to unforeseen circumstances - COVID, flight delays, customs etc. Each situation was handled immediately and if ever a trip could have been ruined,... read more

Jo Ann Simons

Emily took care of every detail of our honeymoon There were special memories awaiting us at every stop and she was accessible every moment while traveling. So appreciative!!

Mallory Hess

Emily handled every detailed and allowed us to truly relax and enjoy the trip. Having the logistics taken care of allowed the experience to be infinitely more pleasurable and I am so grateful for her expertise and knowledge. I felt so taken care of and free to fully experience,... read more

Peyton Frank

Emily is a saint. She put up with me changing plans so many times and all hours anxiety texts. Feels like you are planning a trip with a best friend. 10/10. We love her!

Colleen Levin

We used Emily to book and plan our honeymoon and it was truly the trip of a lifetime. It was truly a breeze which was a welcome change after months of wedding planning. The resort she recommended was SPECTACULAR and had views for days. The restaurants at the resort were delicious and gorgeous.... read more

Kristen Thomas
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